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  1. volume.exe not working with v2012 on Windows 7 64bit (case 22745)

    I have followed the instructions to set the volume using item type executable with volume.exe and (c5) in the parameters field but the volume does not change. I am wondering if we need to upgrade to...
  2. Modified code to return x y coordinates of mouse click to Medialab

    Thanks for your support with this. Using your examples we managed to include an image of a sandpit which when clicked on passes the x and y position of the mouse back to Medialab.

    Our code here:...
  3. Return Mouse X Y position on click with custom foms and medialab (case 14780)

    We wish to show a picture on the screen eg jpg then have the x and y coordinates of where the mouse is clicked returned to a Medialab 2012 variable. Is this possible? Could you give us an example of...
  4. Get Mouse Click position saved as value using medialab

    This code you referenced works fine when called with the custom type in Medialab. How do we now modify this code so the x and y values get stored back into Medialab DATA instead of being displayed on...
  5. Get mouse position using custom forms (case 12064)

    Could anyone help me to return the x and y coordinates for a mouse click using an HTML form in Medialab using the custom feature? We need a blank square which covers the greater percentage of...
  6. Slider configuration to avoid skipped entries with 99 (case 8747)

    Could you please help me to find a solution to a problem with slider 'continuum' and blank data entries containing 99.
    Our questionnaire uses the skip function based on the persons previous...
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