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  1. still no solution

    I am getting the same message for what seems to be a fairly random subset of variables specified in the same way. I tried deleting the data as suggested and then running through the experiment...
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    Questionnaire countdown clock not working

    I am trying to provide a set amount of time for completing the questionnaire file called MathTest (attached) and the way I have it set up in the experiment now (see attached UnprimingST.exp) it...
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    Any luck so far?

    Exploring Medialab options in the meantime.
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    Hi Jarvis, Good news - I can see the video....

    Hi Jarvis,
    Good news - I can see the video.

    The operating system is Windows XP Professional, 5.1, Build 2600 and the version of Direct RT is 2008 1.0.11.
    The joystick is Logitech...
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    Video won't play

    The video I have in my stim folder won't play. It's an avi clip I converted from mov. It runs fine when I only play it in Windows Media Player. I've tried taking out underscores from the name,...
  6. here's all the code, and I'll keep looking...

    here's all the code, and I'll keep looking through those threads in hopes of a solution. I realize this is not a medialab issue and thanks for all your help.
  7. here's the file, could you please look at it?

    Everything is ready to go, just hoping the participants are not impatient with the big continue button in the middle of the screen. Is there any edits you could put into this file so that the...
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    recording data from custom html item

    Hi Support team,
    Please help, as a complete novice I managed to write this little questionnaire with some of your examples, but I it just seems to need some tweaking to actually write the data. I...
  9. Using the slider before you can press "continue"

    Me too!
    I am using the revised version of the slider for 2008 (thank you) and would like to know how you prevent participants from advancing to the next trial if they haven't used the slider. It...
  10. My version of medialab is 2008.1.20 and the...

    My version of medialab is 2008.1.20 and the computer i ran it on is a dell PC although we have bootcamp partitioned Macs that I anticipate running the experiment in those too. Maybe this helps. I am...
  11. duration parameter in multiple response question

    I am trying to have a list of items appear on the screen, have the participants choose 5 out of 10 and have it all last exactly 30 seconds, not more, not less. I thought (p10,d30) would do it,...
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    Multiple response duration without "continue"

    I have the same exact problem. What's the answer? Thanks!
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    fonts now work, the program quits after minimizing in bootcamp partitioned mac

    Thanks, I'll try it out.
    Day later... OK, that's settled, perfect, thank you.
    There, one more thing though...
    I have a problem though with running direct rt in bootcamp partitioned macs....
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    style changes within trial on different stimuli

    I've had the same problem with changing styles and I did find help answer as indicated in www.empirisoft.com/directrt/help/directrt_style.htm
    This didn't solve the problem. In this example, the...
  15. How do I do random paring from a list and jumping combined? (case 2014)

    What I've desperately been trying to achieve is to present a cue word randomly picked from a list, then yoke it to its word-pair from another list. But there's a catch: I want it to appear in a...
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