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  1. How to randomise the order of the response choices

    I contacted you last year about generating random values from the responses.xls files to create case scenarios (or vignettes).
    I have a new question here. After that respondents had to respond...
  2. Thank you - i made some changes in the variable...

    Thank you - i made some changes in the variable name and made other changes .. so atlas it now work! Thank you!
    One thing at a time .. I am now starting to check what values were generated *after* a...
  3. Randomly generated vignettes

    Thank for your response, but I am not sure I understood. My actual problem is in generating and presenting the random stimuli in the first place when running the study. But, rather than showing the...
  4. How to read excel responses.xls file

    Hi Empirisoft,

    Please help!
    I believe I am not able for Medialab to read the excel file responses.xls. It shows the word <vig1> but not the actual sentences that should be generated with the...
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