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  1. Joystick Issue - DirectRT does not recognize joystick movement... (case 14228)


    We have programed an input file that indicates that the appropriate response to a stimulus is either forward joystick movement or backward movement (244 and 248, respectively).

  2. Joystick Input - Which one should we get? (case 14018)

    Hello everyone,

    We are programing an avoidance/approach task using the push/pull joystick measure and have a few questions:

    1) Should we get a joystick with a weighted base, suction cups, or...
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    Multiple stim files (case 5054)

    I hate starting a new thread, but I couldn't find an answer to what I was looking for.

    I am having an issue assigning separate stim files to multiple stimuli on the same given trial.

    I have...
  4. I haven't used VB, I've done some HTML / Java...

    I haven't used VB, I've done some HTML / Java programing in the past...If VB is similar than I should be able to tackle it. However, do you have an example of transposing a log file to a new input...
  5. What we are currently using is the stimlist...

    What we are currently using is the stimlist feature; however, the sessions are not back-to-back, so that wouldn't be useful for the time two session (in which the participant should have an identical...
  6. Hi Blair, thanks for the response. I like the...

    Hi Blair, thanks for the response.

    I like the idea of using the rand() function and have been playing with it over the weekend. Is it possible to randomly choose a value (either a text label or an...
  7. How to represent an identical random experimental session (case 3490)

    First off, I've been racking my brain trying to figure out how I can represent an experiment to a given subject in session 2 , that had been initially randomly presented in session 1. Any and all...
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    Potential Fatal Error in DirectRT

    I've run into an issue using DirectRT. Often I'll get to the point in an medialab experiment where a DirectRT input file is called upon, and the program will freeze. Then when just trying to run the...
  9. Assigning multiple styles to a .txt file

    Hi all,

    I am wondering how to achieve italicizing a given word within a sentence using the style editor and utilizing multiple styles within a given .txt file? I understand how to dictate a given...
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