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    Tablet support (case 20156)

    Can MediaLab be run on any tablet (iPad, Android, etc)?
  2. It is attached. Thanks!

    It is attached.

  3. No problem. I am not sure what you mean by the...

    No problem. I am not sure what you mean by the style files. Attached are the rest of the files for the program (sorry I thought I uploaded all of these). Let me know if anything is missing.
  4. Problem with incorrect file types (case 13902)

    On two different computers, the program worked successfully for several participants. Then both ended up tripping up on different parts of the program with different error signals.

    On one computer...
  5. Mistake on uploaded file with met command

    Unfortunately, I uploaded the wrong thing. We have tried putting the meta command column in a number of different locations but we still cannot get it to work. The attached document has it in a row...
  6. meta commands to end a condition after a pre-specified amount of time (case 12003)

    I have a large number of stimuli listed in a DirectRT input file, but I would like the condition to change after 15 minutes. The extra stimuli are included so that the stimuli presentation can still...
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