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  1. How can I limit the time for a response while allowing to continue (case 33480)


    I read through the manual and also used the search console in this forum, but I did not find a solution to my problem.

    I use an Instruction task in order to show an image. The participants...
  2. This works, thank you Jason!

    This works, thank you Jason!
  3. Thank you Jason! I sent you the questionaire...

    Thank you Jason!

    I sent you the questionaire and the video files.

    By changing the size of the video, I mean that I do not want it to play fullscreen. By using the Movie item type I can use the...
  4. Experiment freezes after Movie is played (case 31060)

    If I want to show a movie threw the item type "movie", I run into problems.

    The experiment works as intendet and shows the movie clip in its full length (30 seconds). After the Video is played I...
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