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  1. Why is my .jpg or .gif image blurred when displayed in MediaLab 2016? (case 36144)

    My image is blurred when it's displayed in MediaLab 2016. Why? How can I fix it?
  2. Yes, I use the .sav file. I never had this...

    Yes, I use the .sav file. I never had this problem in the past. My guess is that SPSS 22 had an update that doesn't correspond with MediaLab v2012. Perhaps some sort of patch needs to be created. ...
  3. Using Condition "cond" in responses.xls file (case 22775)

    I'm trying to use a complex feedback system whereby feedback comments are displayed in a table in the responses.xls file and use a vlookup function that uses "cond" as a reference point. I've...
  4. I understand that the data can be easily copied...

    I understand that the data can be easily copied and pasted from Excel into SPSS, but this wasn't a necessary step in the past, with previous versions. Previously, widening the width of a variable in...
  5. I tested Sample 1 from the Samples folder because...

    I tested Sample 1 from the Samples folder because it a thought-listing event. Yes, the same thing happens. Although the width is defaulted to 765 in SPSS for variable tl1_01, it only collects 255...
  6. Spss 22.0.

    Spss 22.0.
  7. The output file within the by variable name...

    The output file within the by variable name folder ".sav". After the SPSS file is created (after running through the experiment), I was always able to adjust the width of string variables in SPSS. ...
  8. Adjusting Width in SPSS for Thought Listing Variables - Problemo (case 21096)

    In the past I've been able to adjust the width of string variables for things like Thought Listing, but now when I adjust the width from 765 to something like 1000 it doesn't collect the extra...
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    Figured out the problem. -d20 should be d-20.

    Figured out the problem. -d20 should be d-20.
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    Problem with -d parameter (case 21004)

    Using -d parameter (e.g. -d20) should not display the Continue button on Instructions pages for 20 seconds (then it should appear after 20 seconds). Not sure why this isn't working - had no trouble...
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    Set MediaLab as Default Software (case 10347)

    I've got both MediaLab v2012 and Inquisit 4.0. When running a MediaLab experiment, the Ctrl+Alt+right arrow doesn't lead to the end of the script, but turns the screen frame 90 degrees. I suspect...
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    Skip to End of ML Experiment in Windows 7

    In the past, pressing Ctrl + Alt + right arrow forwarded to the end of an experiment in MediaLab. Now I have Windows 7 and apparently pressing this key combination turns the view of the screen frame...
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    This Does Work

    The commands work!

    In the HTML form (attached), find the following line to adjust time limit. This line sets it at 540 seconds.

    <body onload="setTimeout ('document.forms[0].submit()',...
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    Time Limit on a Custom Item Using HTML

    I've created a Custom item in HTML. It includes 20 anagrams with separate textboxes. It works great - response go straight to SPSS. However, I only want my participants to have 10 minutes to complete...
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    AVI File Won't Play in ML - Vista System

    I have Windows Vista. My avi video files work fine in WMP, however, no image or sound shows up when I've embedded them in an experiment as a background video. Please advise.
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    Excel Responses File - Failure

    I'm using MediaLab 2006 and Windows Vista. I've programmed a responses file to feedback some score calsulated in Excel. I had it working yesterday, but today it doesn't work. I've got a fill in the...
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