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  1. Random Location

    I do not want the target word to appear in the same position in the array for each trial, I want the position to be random.

    I was thinking of using: "rand(choice 1,choice 2,choice 3,.choice 4)"...
  2. Rows 34-41, 83-90, and 132-139 are the row that...

    Rows 34-41, 83-90, and 132-139 are the row that are supposed to have the array of pictures. As you'll see also in those rows are audio stimuli, like "!clickvoogeme" that are audio clips asking the...
  3. Four Alternative, Forced Choice Task (case 30579)


    I should probably start by saying I am new to Direct RT.

    For my experiment, I have three conditions. 8 non-words will be learned for each condition (24 non-words total). Each non-word...
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