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    Change size of ranking field (case 20489)


    I would like to know if it is possible to change the size of the ranking field?
    I designed a ranking item test where I present 1 picture with 3 different heads (left, middle, right). The...
  2. BIG thank you for helping me. As you said the...

    BIG thank you for helping me. As you said the file format was the problem. Somehow if I saved the file via excel as .csv it did not run in DirectRT. Now, I work with Notepad and it works fine (most...
  3. Present 2 or more images randomly out of a pool? (case 20112)


    I would like to run an experiment and present 2 or 3 images (pictures) at the same time. I have got 45 pictures of which 2-3 should be shown randomly. The participant should rank or choose...
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