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  1. MediaLab v2010 Freezing with PowerPoint Questionnaire (case 16855)

    MediaLab is freezing when PowerPoint (PP) is used. I found a thread that said v2010 fixed this problem, but we are using v2010. The problem seems to occur when switching back and forth between...
  2. Abort an experiment during the testing phase?

    Hi, there don't seem to be any replies to this, but I have the same question.
  3. [solved] MediaLab Edits "Can't Find the Questionnaire File..."

    We are clicking a file that is one digit different from the file MediaLab names is the edit (i.e. our file name contains "2011" but MediaLab says it can't find the file of the same name that...
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    Uninstall Media Lab

    Will Add/Remove Programs destroy the license? If so, what do I do instead?
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    Cannot find file needed to save data

    I have encountered this problem 3 times, spread across days and computers:

    MediaLab cannot find/gain access to the file needed to save the data for a particular subject. My options are 'OK'...
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