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  1. Any luck on this by any chance :) ? eom.

    Hi Jason,
    Do you have any ideas as to why some of my errors may be coding incorrectly?
  2. style file

    Hi Jason,
    That's alright I'm happy to upload any files you need. In case you have trouble with the drt file, I copied my style settings into an excel sheet. I appreciate your help.
  3. Log file

    Hi Jason,
    Here's the log file you requested.
    Thanks again!
  4. Here's the output file!

    Here's the output file you requested. You'll notice that on trials for which no response is correct, DirectRT is coding TRUE when the space bar is pressed. Your help is very much appreciated,...
  5. Go/no-go question: Errors coded incorrectly (case 12564)


    I have programmed a go/no-task task (attached) in v.2006. The problem I'm having is that certain errors are not being coded correctly. When I press the space bar on trials for which no...
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