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    Thank you. I appreciate the help! I've had a...

    Thank you. I appreciate the help!

    I've had a closer look at the code but I am not sure how to figure this out.

    In the time column, I need Direct RT to read a number of things. Currently I have...
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    Delay MinMax Message (case 6403)

    I need to set the Max rt to 600ms but I don't want the Max message "Too Slow" to appear until 1000ms later. Any idea how this might be accomplished?
  3. Thanks! That worked.

    Thanks! That worked.
  4. Row # requests Style Code #, which does not exist in the style file (case 6103)


    I've seen a few posts on this topic but the advice seems to be particular to each case (usually a correction needs to be made in people's .csv files). So I am posting mine here.

    When I try...
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