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  1. Still out of luck

    Note to myself:

    I tried re-installing the operating system (from Korean Win 7 to English Win 7) and then re-installed Direct RT (and Media Lab, too).

    Again, Media Lab 2018 successfully sent out...
  2. Am I out of luck?

    It has been several days since I've been asked whether I have access to a "traditional computer" with a parallel port embedded in a mother board. I do not have access to old technology at this point:...
  3. Afraid not -- do not have the old machine.

    The old machine with on board parallel port has been phased out. So no, unfortunately. :(
    Do you have any other suggestions? Do you think there is a way to "trick" DirectRT by plugging in some other...
  4. Sending TTLs: When MediaLab 2018 works, but DirectRT 2018 doesn't case 34924)

    Hello, I have an interesting case that sending TTLs from DirectRT 2018 does not work, while MediaLab 2018 do.

    I have a PCI printer card inserted to the PC, and the IO Test shows that the port...
  5. Issue resolved.

    Thank you -- this issue has been resolved now.
  6. Error 9 problem: error messages appearing in TrackPerformance.txt (case 34536)

    To whom this may concern:
    I am currently trying to use DT 2016 to display three images in a row, with the second one either being target or foil, and collect RT for each trial. A standard Go-No-Go...
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    Okay, it's summer break. I was trying to be...

    Okay, it's summer break. I was trying to be productive by dusting and wiping up my research equipments.

    The old Pentium D machine (with a native parallel port) running MediaLab 2008 (mentioned...
  8. Video won't progress in MediaLab? Check which Window you are using.

    I was talking to a friend of mine the other day regarding this technical issue. He confirmed my long held hypothesis: It is the OS.

    Whatever MediaLab you are using, as long as your Windows...
  9. MediaLab v2008 I used to solve the issue was...

    Hi, sorry for not checking the thread for a while.

    Yes, it was the latest version available. I am quite sure it was v2008.1.33e.

    Again, I had it run on a Windows XP Korean Edition. I will...
  10. Yes, downgrading to ML2008 did the trick.

    Thanks for checking. Was busy running the experiment.

    I managed to make it work by installing ML2008 instead of the newer software I own license for. Still have no idea why and how this worked. It...
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    Never mind: solved by downgrading to ML2008

    So -- after days of head-banging, I finally managed to make the system work by:
    1) Formatting the HDD & install a fresh copy of Windows XP
    2) Downgrading to ML2008

    Yup, it worked. I still have...
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    429 ActiveX Error with ML2010 (case 13181)

    Hi, I am having difficulty running ML2010 (ver 3.1) on Windows XP (SP3, Korean Edition). I have tried installing OS & ML2010 three times in a row and kept running into this error (see image attached)...
  13. Sorry, video files are too large for uploading. However...

    Dear Jason,

    I tried uploading the files but they were too large, even after zipping individually (smallest one was more than 14MB after zipping).

    However, this "Windows Media...
  14. "dot" in the path name was not the reason

    Thanks for your suggestion, Jason. I did try doing that, but the result was same.
    As you already know, ".\" refers to 'current directory (folder)' in DOS, which Windows inherited.
  15. Same issue with ML2010 (v. 3.1) -- won't proceed to next item after playing video

    I have been trying my ML2010 to play video files properly but failed. Not sure what is going on.

    What is happening is, after playing a video file, MediaLab 2010 won't move on to the next item. It...
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