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    Complex Skips . . .

    I'm afraid we've both wandered out of the territory of what DirectRT can do, and into something only MediaLab could handle.

    I was incorrect when I suggested DirectRT could do a response time...
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    Use a skip feature . . .

    This cannot be accomplished with the min-max feature (as far as I can tell, anyway!), but could be accomplished with a skip feature.

    In the Time column, create a skip feature. If a RT response is...
  3. Hmmm . . .

    You're right, that doesn't seem to be working as it should.

    The first thing I would do is take a close look at the GNG.que, especially the skip-to fields. If a skip had been accidentally added or...
  4. That's a puzzle . . .

    Response.xls files are a feature of MediaLab, but they would be a step in the right direction if you were using DirectRT embedded within MediaLab. You can use the response.xls file to calculate the...
  5. Not Replicating

    Looks okay to me, and each time I ran it I got a different piece of music (that failed to load, of course) and the questions that followed were also in random order. I can also confirm that the...
  6. Odd . . .

    That's very odd that both the RBG and the omit conditions would not work. I don't see any error in what you've said you've done, but if you'd like to upload the file I'd be happy to glance over it...
  7. Missing Value in Style 3

    You had a missing value in Style code 3 of your Style file (the min-max value). This throws off DirectRT and prevents it from reading on to Style code 4. If you do not want a style to a min-max, you...
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    Or attach file . . .

    Attaching a .CVS file with the first 3-4 columns and 2-3 rows of data might help.
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    Some Ideas

    I assume you're looking at the .CVS data?

    Sometimes features of the data being recorded can trigger inappropriate section breaks in .CVS data. Can you tell what data is being recorded in the two...
  10. Hmmm . . .

    Are you putting more than number in the conditions box?

    I've attached a demo file of a simple study with two conditions. In condition 1, participants read some instructions, complete a hard test,...
  11. Your hunch is correct

    In the experimental file, your conditions should NOT be entered in parenthesis. So in the conditions column, enter 1, 2, 3, etc, NOT (1), (2), (3).

    Just FYI, you posted in the DirectRT section of...
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    RWG + skip


    You can accomplish this with RWG, and a skip. In short, assign the first four word-sentence stims to the same RWG group (e.g., 1). Then, assign two more word-sentence stims and the recall...
  13. Yes!

    If you look in your ByQuestionairre data folder, you will find a file called question_order.csv. This is a log file of the order in which items were actually presented.
  14. Video Stim & RT


    A video stimulus presented as a reaction time item (i.e., "rt:" in the time column) will record very precisely the amount of time that has transpired from the beginning of the stimulus,...
  15. Hebrew is available


    Different language versions of the "continue" and "go back" images are available in MediaLab 2012 (not sure about earlier versions) in the C:\MediaLab\Graphics folder. Hebrew is currently...
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    Works on 5+ year laptop

    I've run simple DirectRT subliminal priming experiment on a 2007 Thinkpad (Intel Core 2 Duo, 1.8 ghz, 2 gig ram) successfully. However, if I had too many programs running at once, reducing the...
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    Complex Skip

    This is obviously too late to help Geoff (sorry!), but if anyone else is curious, here's one way to accomplish this:

    This requires creating a complex skip with the responses.xls feature. If you...
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    Your .cvs file does not reveal any obvious causes of this unintended skip. Have you looked carefully at your IAPS_rand file? How many items are in that file? Are there errors or formatting...
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    Have you considered uploading the video to Youtube, and then using Youtube's "embed" ability to incorporate it into an HTML document, or HTML custom document? Youtube videos always have a slider to...
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    Odd . . .

    It seems very odd that a skip would work once, but never again. Can you attach the file? If nothing else, it's worth running on a different computer just to see if the error replicates.
  21. Combining Stimuli

    Combining stimuli (such as audio and text) should largely be a matter of controlling the display details. Create one stimuli, and not tell the next screen to clear it, means the stimuli are presented...
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    Work around

    Perhaps a simpler way to allow participants to control a video presented to them is to use a Youtube video. Upload your stimulus video to youtube, and then use Youtube's "embed" option to include it...
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    Background image

    Yes, you can display an image on the same page as a multiple response item by including it as a Background image. Under details for the multiple response item, enter the file location for your image...
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    System lag?

    I would guess MediaLab after some amount of time (I don't know how much) decides an outside program (like Word) is not working properly, and moves on. This would explain why starting the program in...
  25. It's not the HTML . . .

    HTML can only record data that has been submitted. Setting the custom item to display for five minutes means after five minutes, the program will move on, and any data that has not been submitted...
  26. Utilize TTL parameter?


    I think what you're looking to do is send a signal to external hardware, and that is usually accomplished with the ttl parameter.

    In the parameter box of an image, audio or video display,...
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