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  1. Transferring DirectRT license from one device to another (case 23929)


    I am trying to transfer a DirectRT license from a laptop to a desktop. The version of DirectRT will remain the same (V2012). I have downloaded the version on the desktop and emailed...
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    Incorrect Feedback (case 20247)

    I am programming a Lexical Decision Task and would like to provide feedback to participants when they press the incorrect key. It is also important that the feedback occur automatically and not...
  3. DirectRT v2012 producing unified RT (1500s) with mic on (Case 16398)

    When using a fixed time method (rt: aud, rec, 1500) DirectRT v2012 is still picking up unified RT measures of 1500s when the mic is on.
    The microphone being used is 'Logitech G230 Stereo gaming...
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