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  1. Playing sound files to completion while subjects are reacting to othert stimuli
  2. save voice response but clear stimulus immediately
  3. providing block-level feedback
  4. Preloading sequential images?
  5. Resizing Images?
  6. Have no response as a response
  7. Allow P's to check a clock
  8. Collect RT but wait to display next stimulus
  9. Running an IAT (case 20080)
  10. Cycling through images over and over again
  11. Voice RTs in a stroop task?
  12. Place a time limit on a task?
  13. Capturing screens as images using PrintScreen?
  14. Open ended response questions
  15. Using a mouse, touchscreen or lightgun with DirectRT?
  16. collecting data from the mouse pointer's location
  17. Display a constant background image?
  18. Require a correct answer for open ended questions?
  19. Responding prior to all stimuli
  20. Gnat
  21. randomizing location
  22. detect correct rt:text (open ended) responses?
  23. error message based on content, not reaction time
  24. open ended responses
  25. maintaining constant total response period
  26. Timing of Joystick RTs
  27. Skipping when trials are randomized?
  28. Having files located in the data folder
  29. Using Responses from MediaLab as Stimuli in DirectRT
  30. Greek, Hebrew and Other Foreign Fonts
  31. Multiple videos on screen at once?
  32. Keeping image on-screen for a fixed window
  33. Accessing a MediaLab Questionaire from DirectRT
  34. stopping voice response recording with spacebar
  35. Automatic continuation after displaying a video
  36. Collecting Single OR Double Key Presses
  37. Random Time Intervals
  38. Importing excel stim lists
  39. Requiring correct responses
  40. Parallelport interfacing in Direct RT
  41. Determining cumulative time for stimuli
  42. Suppressing Min-Max Feedback Messages?
  43. Can DirectRT play video clips?
  44. Monitor mouse clicks during a movie
  45. Divided Visual Fields
  46. monitoring button presses over a specified period of time
  47. Sending responses via TTL (case 5907)
  48. Game respopnse pads
  49. Flash movies / animations in DirectRT?
  50. nonrefreshing background screen and stimlist
  51. Correct and Incorrect
  52. Randomly presenting n of N items
  53. Random content in jump trials
  54. measuring response time between times
  55. Varying distance between scale ends
  56. Multiple responses for a single trial
  57. Sound stimulus plus recorded voice response?
  58. Visual Probe in DirectRT
  59. Single RT with multiple stimuli?
  60. Joystick based image manipulation?
  61. presentation only, data from stimlist
  62. Random location without replacement?
  63. Skipping based on previous responses
  64. boundaries in mouse task
  65. dot probe task
  66. Fixed trials within randomized (BGR) blocks?
  67. response as condition
  68. Methods for seniors / elderly subjects
  69. Combine clear screen with compound screen
  70. Randomly present set word pairs
  71. randomize movie presentation times
  72. Using subject and/or condition ID as variables
  73. using prior response as stimulus
  74. Randomizing and Instruction screens
  75. create a counter
  76. Termination mid-trial
  77. RT for Sounds without termination
  78. image sequence - recall
  79. Hicks-law choice RT task
  80. Multiple Responses per trial!
  81. Block Order in output file
  82. IAT - counterbalancing order
  83. Data Reduction
  84. attentional probes
  85. How do I recreate the input file from a resulting data file?
  86. problem with response box
  87. Presenting multiple text stimuli w/ randomization?
  88. Arabic
  89. clicking on screen
  90. use video and create a compound screen
  91. jumping for any key except...
  92. randomizing within a fixed alternating pattern
  93. two blocks of between group randomization
  94. avoid clearing the screen after key response
  95. repeat practice trials after incorrect response
  96. Incorrect response - Audio file possible?
  97. Combining image, sound and TTL
  98. Multiple video's running while inserting an image in front
  99. transparency and bitmaps
  100. Stopping recording with a single key
  101. Continuous ratings on XY axes
  102. Recording Reaction Time of Speaker
  103. Running on Multiple Monitors
  104. Feedbak online
  105. How do I present a letter, an SOA, then a tone and collect RT for both?
  106. Requiring a correct response
  107. Adding a sound file over an animation
  108. textbox location
  109. Playing sounds to completion
  110. Multiple images from stim lists
  111. Collecting responses during trial interval
  112. Correct and incorrect responses for half of the trials
  113. Constraining Open-Ended Responses
  114. How do you either end a trial after a specified time or key press?
  115. N-Back
  116. rt: text
  117. Ramdomization Issues
  118. Scoring the IAT (case 12779)
  119. Correct and Incorrect Feedback
  120. Continuous Vocal Time Series
  121. Multiple Monitors
  122. Video mouse responses
  123. DirectRT N-back task
  124. complex issues in JUMPING
  125. Dot probe detection task? (case 14284)
  126. counting multiple responses
  127. Skipping with Randomized Blocks, Randomized Stimuli, and Fixed Instructions
  128. Switching Text Style Mid-trial
  129. Complicated Block Randomization Issues
  130. Feedback for incorrect responses
  131. Running multiple participants at once?
  132. Audio probe during an image stimulus?
  133. Simultaneous audio and image presentations
  134. Display RT Feedback?
  135. randomizing on distributions
  136. Can DirectRT Perform Needed Randomization?
  137. Return to Previous Stimuli
  138. How do i get free add on InputRT v2006
  139. New to Direct RT
  140. Rhythm Task
  141. Two images presented at same time
  142. RT and time limit without feedback
  143. Continuous Background Sound
  144. Get a beep to follow a keypress DURING a movie
  145. Present an picture, record response and RT?
  146. proceeding to next trial after some time or key press
  147. Correct, incorrect response analysis
  148. visual analog scale (VAS)
  149. interpretation of log file
  150. Skipping in Direct RT!!!
  151. stroop task-randomize only one culmn
  152. change blindness
  153. leave the stimuli on the screen after pressing the response pad
  154. Multiple Skipping Values?
  155. response window priming?
  156. RT feedback before response
  157. Collecting Single or multiple response
  158. IAT instructions and category backgrounds
  159. need more columns in excel
  160. data file
  161. ordering trials
  162. How do I determine a correct button press on the fly?
  163. Using individual RT average as a parameter for later trials (case 20784)
  164. placing the time limit on rt:text
  165. Show Multiple Individual Text Lines
  166. Change Blindness Question
  167. Randomization problem with directRT
  168. Other startup fields? How to stop a session?
  169. different response values for different session ids
  170. displaying images very fast
  171. Producing a beep upon key press after a given amount of time has occurred
  172. Hot to make RWG with the constraint of equal numbers of stimuli of each type?
  173. How to make the recording of the response begin at the END of the stimulus?
  174. rt timing
  175. Joystick - Continuous
  176. load delay for images
  177. Affect Grid
  178. Merging output files
  179. RBG + RWG with MANY video stimuli
  180. log file not recording data
  181. randomize bgr and jump wgr
  182. Display calculated variables to subject
  183. Standardizing RLs
  184. Dual Task with Direct RT?
  185. Using Greek characters in DirectRT?
  186. identify correct answer after random pairing
  187. incorrect response feedback
  188. Percent Correct
  189. Create Onscreen Buttons
  190. total response time issue
  191. A scale with images for anchors?
  192. Putting a time limit on Stim 2 without affecting Stim 1 in a trial
  193. meta command to skip
  194. Requiring two responses before moving on to next trial
  195. Multiple versions - Randomization?
  196. Change response time onset
  197. TTL insertaion
  198. Echoing key presses as TTL signals automatically
  199. collecting RT while a video is running
  200. rt and interval
  201. RT from end of stimulus rather than start of stimulus?
  202. Within groups randomization and sampling without replacement
  203. recording RT with delayed stim presentation
  204. randomization mistake
  205. Correct and incorrect feedback location
  206. Fill-in-the-blank
  207. Dot-probe randomisation of location of compound screens
  208. Creating a Stroop test
  209. Displaying RTs to the subject
  210. Showing participants scores?
  211. displaying number of trials done/remaining
  212. How about "else" as incorrect response in rt:text items
  213. Capturing DirectRT session as a video
  214. Can DirectRT do all these things?
  215. Overlay text onto a previous slide
  216. How can location be randomised on screen
  217. Displaying compund images
  218. Displaying same picture twice in random settings
  219. Concurrent Multiple Response Feedback
  220. Scoring open-ended responses
  221. Can DirectRT Do any of all of these things and how?
  222. Why video files won't move on once ended
  223. Correct Responses for only some scripts
  224. Cheating program
  225. Response window IAT
  226. Stop-Signal-Task
  227. Input file key codes vs. data file Resp?
  228. Duplicating style colour (color for us Yanks)
  229. Make Windowed Trials & Overwrite Warning persistent?
  230. rbg/rwg vs. bgr/wgr
  231. Tracking monetary gains/score
  232. Randomize pictures
  233. recording from keyboard
  234. Coding the DAT: How...
  235. Stimulus remains on screen
  236. Can I present randomized picture and sound file simultaneously?
  237. keep categories on screen for lexical decision task
  238. Keeping a Running Total in DirectRT
  239. Yoking Stimuli, Selecting Distractors, and Using Home Key
  240. $:randomization w/o replacement, within a trial
  241. randomizing text color
  242. Stroop test - recognizing correct random responses
  243. Display multiple images and record which image is clicked w/ RT
  244. Running lotteries in DirectRT or Medialab
  245. Screen Size
  246. Changing the Screen Size / Resolution
  247. DirectRT - Experiment Question
  248. Placing an Image in a Random location from a set of possible locations?
  249. Programming screen location areas
  250. Using mouse cursor function with animations (.gif) files