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  1. Row 17 requests style code 16, which does not exist in the style file
  2. Flashing between trials with an IAT
  3. Text files don't wrap?
  4. Samples do not work if I modify them
  5. Error: Can't Create ActiveX Object
  6. Why can I see my subliminal stimuli?
  7. Another window called "Form1" appears
  8. Troubleshooting Tips
  9. Min-max values being ignored
  10. Missing LOC value
  11. Order of random questions in data file
  12. Logging trials that do not require a response
  13. Style file settings not being applied
  14. Version of help files and samples
  15. No data in data file
  16. Trouble with input files when using German regional settings
  17. Problems using a button box
  18. Black flash when video starts playing (case 2708)
  19. Size of video file display
  20. Bitmap names in stim list display as text, not pictures
  21. Repeating stimuli when using $ random selection in stimlist
  22. Sound file not playing
  23. Alpha-numeric Subject IDs?
  24. Resolution not supported on this system message
  25. 2006 DirectRT manual and help files
  26. Install error on Windows XP 64 bit version
  27. Video quality doesn't look quite right in DirectRT
  28. Image size does not seem correct
  29. Ignoring the incorrect.txt file for certain trials?
  30. Trouble with image colors
  31. Unwanted delay between stimulus and mask
  32. Time limit OR spacebar to continue?
  33. DirectRT generating extra copies of my input file?
  34. Request for new license code?
  35. Open Ended Responses in DirectRT
  36. RT:text weirdness
  37. Trouble with incorrect responses
  38. Using a comma when receiving TTL signals?
  39. Name of image appears instead of actual image
  40. Where are data for open ended responses?
  41. ESC button
  42. Resp and Name columns don't match
  43. Error #6
  44. MPEGs taken from Sony hard-drive camcorder
  45. Flashing black window?
  46. Visual Basic .XLA message
  47. Voice response times of 101 ms
  48. Voice response times ending in same number
  49. Display times differ slightly from requested values
  50. Small white square or triangle appears
  51. playing background sound
  52. Icon appears during session
  53. Input file won't run
  54. Subject ID not recording in log
  55. Fixation point and image presentation
  56. video clips delayed
  57. the Name of the BMP file appears instead of the picture
  58. Too much Randomization
  59. 60/75 Hz refresh rate bug in older Win2000/Win XP
  60. Vista Compatibility
  61. Participant IDs
  62. Displaying an equals sign
  63. Placing one image on top of another
  64. Disabling the Escape and Windows keys?
  65. RT recorded at keyboard button press or voice?
  66. License message when starting a session
  67. Error depends on who is logged in
  68. Occasional feedback
  69. logfile start timing
  70. Trouble with Windows Run Prompt
  71. Screen Flashes when Video Plays
  72. Unable to access data folders
  73. trouble with subliminal presentation times
  74. Other programs interfering with DirectRT
  75. Black screen
  76. application stops followed by blank screen in Direct RT
  77. Missing value for time column
  78. Select and run input file
  79. Clicks on Video
  80. Calculate the times of correct answer?
  81. Problems with Subject #s and overwriting
  82. Trouble with uninstalling before reinstalling
  83. video in compound stimuli
  84. Anti-virus program caused shutdown
  85. Added styles not utilized by DirectRT
  86. How do I record random trial order in output file?
  87. Trouble with license codes
  88. Key code for plus (+) sign?
  89. having the computer create variable interstimulus intervals
  90. .wav files won't play ... file size issue?
  91. Plain, black screen
  92. multiple styles
  93. Skipping in DirectRT
  94. overwriting data
  95. input file crashes DirectRT on 1 computer
  96. stim missing in log output
  97. subliminal stimuli
  98. video question
  99. images show as file names in Direct RT
  100. Video Sync Problem
  101. 'Class Factory' Error -2147221231
  102. Voice Response Stroop Problem
  103. NOT clearing screen
  104. error message that an executeDRT file is running
  105. Video display ratio
  106. Stimulus File Crashes Every Comptuer but One
  107. force output to data file
  108. DirectRT using 100% of CPU?
  109. Randomly skipping trials??
  110. Video issues re color, size, placement and quality
  111. Correct column in output file not accurate
  112. Negative time values in Log file & out-of-range responses recorded
  113. trial delay and error in timing
  114. Style Code 20 which does not exist - but it does!
  115. Missing LOC message
  116. Playing Videos in DirectRT- sound only
  117. Whyyy aren't the answers participants are giving being recorded?
  118. sending TTL code while playing a video file
  119. strange ".bmp" screen between trials
  120. Title will not center
  121. Videos not showing the right size
  122. skip remainder of trial when no voice response is given
  123. record voice response and continue while recording
  124. Trouble Playing Videos - CODECs and such
  125. Strange data in log file
  126. Display Screens - Text Too Large
  127. Styles seems to change sometimes
  128. first words of stimlist not presented correctly
  129. Style code exists but can't be found
  130. Incorrect response for open-ended response
  131. Data is not being recorded
  132. VISTA screen configuation problem
  133. DirectRT stops running stimuli during test
  134. No response to key press in certain trials
  135. simultaneous image presentation
  136. row 2 has a missing value for one of its TIME columns
  137. Another Cedrus Response Box Query
  138. Error in Code Line 0; Subscript out of range
  139. Onlt the final response is recorded on each trial?
  140. voice rt sound files longer than requested
  141. Nothing Showing Up
  142. Jumping AND Minmax
  143. Variable Durations for same Script file
  144. Calling specific trials in DirectRT from MediaLab
  145. feedback location defaults to upper left
  146. Sending ttl code to ASL eyetracker data file
  147. Screen won't clear
  148. Cursor not properly aligned
  149. Open ended responses recording as -1
  150. Trying to learn how to do touchscreen with dell tablet pc
  151. Trouble playing videos
  152. $pos.txt not found?
  153. DIRECTRT ALWAYS asks for data overwritting
  154. Direct RT freezes when trying to run input file
  155. Affect Misattribution Procedure
  156. Last trial not being displayed
  157. Problem Code: 0001 when trying to open any .csv
  158. numpad
  159. Row 4 has a missing value for one of its LOC columns.
  160. response in output not maching correct column
  161. can't locate local ip and startup delay
  162. Failing to write data...please help!
  163. Error Running Input file
  164. Problems Running Input Files
  165. DirectRT does not show all .bmps
  166. Trouble with videos
  167. Putting trials with different correct response on the same line
  168. Internal error
  169. Playing Movie Files
  170. stim list text showing up as random characters
  171. Not recording responses
  172. DirectRT Images Not Showing Up
  173. DirectRT Beta - Error 1609
  174. Stops running for no apparent reason?
  175. installation of inputrt fails...
  176. Sound files not recorded
  177. Help with Subliminal Priming
  178. need help with directrt!
  179. Direct RT Beta: Error 1316.A
  180. The enter key ( rt:28 ) is not responding.
  181. jumping and minmax
  182. executedrt not responding - unable to run complete input file
  183. Automation error #-2147467259
  184. Error #429
  185. Crash when the last of multiple responses in a trial is incorrect
  186. Can't run any input files
  187. Errors Running DirectRT beta in Windows 7 (case 458)
  188. Widescreen Resolution Settings
  189. Trouble with presentation times
  190. Compatibility issues with DirectRT
  191. DirectRT 2010 IP subnet dll problem
  192. Random Failure to Display Input File
  193. Windows 7 & DirectRT 2006?
  194. Problem with Image Display in DirectRT
  195. Problem on executing .csv
  196. Not playing AVI files
  197. Seeing a square icon where an image should be?
  198. v2008 input file not working in v2010 (Vista)
  199. Microphone and voice RT problems
  200. Incompatible resolution, color depth, color bits, colour buffer, etc. (case 17147)
  201. DirectRT sometimes leaves a 1k file, when executed from MediaLab
  202. Merge File Problem on DirectRT 2010 Beta
  203. DirectRT quits during RWG
  204. [solved] trouble with RTRR function?
  205. v2010 freeze with repeated runs
  206. nothing happens
  207. Key Code 248 using TTL: Joystick conflict?
  208. "This file is not in a recognizable format" message
  209. joystick not working. (case 11502)
  210. Direct RT 2010 on Mac Problems
  211. Problem with ip-license / dll-error message
  212. Requiring a correct response on a stroop task in DirectRT
  213. [solved] administrator rights needed?
  214. Limited number of DirectRT sessions
  215. Randomization Issues
  216. 12 System.InvalidCastException:.48. string
  217. error message (case 5108)
  218. error in stimulus presentation
  219. [v2010] Audio files sometimes muted with 0ms TIME value?
  220. DirectRT not saving my changes
  221. setting a performance criterion
  222. v2010 doesn't accept percentage values in loc field
  223. F1 opens v2006 Help
  224. Umlauts in DirectRt v2010
  225. responses.xls
  226. Transfer of files issue
  227. line terminator error
  228. not recording audio RT with fixed sound stim
  229. ... file contains errors in the 'Trial' column
  230. Direct RT 2010 crashing
  231. Hebrew Characters in DirectRT 2010
  232. refresh rate issues
  233. "Trial range error" ?!
  234. Windows crashing (DIRECT RT 2008)
  235. Yoking of random pairs working in v2008 but not v2010?
  236. Windows 7/DirectRT 2010 Issues
  237. Interactive Tutorial in WinHelp Format
  238. Scrambled Filenames
  239. Error: 53 File Not Found
  240. V2010 error
  241. Trouble with DirectRT 2010 on Windows 7
  242. IAT data from Direct RT
  243. First stimulus screen requires two keypresses
  244. 2008.1 vs. 2008.2
  245. Hebrew list file (case 22080)
  246. Not getting output!
  247. Dot Probe + win XP + DirectRT2010
  248. Slow running or choppy video
  249. Triggers USB
  250. Problems getting simple lexical decision task to run