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  1. Suspend and resume options
  2. Can onset parameter be explained in the manual?
  3. voice response to probes?
  4. Undo Feature
  5. minimum exposure time for Word files
  6. "Go Back" option
  7. Removing files from merge list
  8. 2006 MediaLab Manual Suggestions
  9. Ranking Questions
  10. Separate variable for "specify" responses?
  11. Recoding issues with response options
  12. Separate questionnaire data-files
  13. Constant background image?
  14. HTML features
  15. Categorical judgements
  16. Right alignment for Hebrew (case 440)
  17. Full screen without black frame
  18. Idea for a backup data file
  19. French graphics
  20. Starting and stopping programs (such as InputRT)
  21. Suggestions from other posts
  22. more flexible styles
  23. write variables into seprate text file (essay style)
  24. defining variable length of (string) variables within ML
  25. MAC addresses for licensing
  26. Option for no limit on SPSS variable names
  27. small bug when saving QUE file
  28. Press Enter vs Press Spacebar
  29. Using multiple <specify> options within a single item
  30. Commas removed from posted html data
  31. Multiple specify options within a single question
  32. specifying response values with squiggly brackets
  33. Writing data during vs after session
  34. Chat room / interactivity between users
  35. Option to disable or change "secret keys"
  36. Skipping problem explained
  37. Location issue
  38. Editor Pasting
  39. timer (useful when testing before running)
  40. Multiple response items and duration parameter
  41. Multiple periods in que file name
  42. Missing values for fill in the blanks in SPSS
  43. saving large .que files
  44. End Session Early
  45. HTML learning curves?
  46. Skip To Problem
  47. duration parameter for essays
  48. fyi - responses.xls