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  1. Installation Errors
  2. French characters
  3. Black screen?
  4. Runtime Error 401
  5. End of Slide Show message after PowerPoint
  6. Insert <variable> in question wording not working
  7. 94 Invalid use of null
  8. Spacebar problem with HTML in v2006
  9. Text labels are not wrapping?
  10. responses.xls functions not working
  11. Quickstyles not working
  12. Slider size (case 17391)
  13. Medialab, HTML and redirections to PHP
  14. Language problem
  15. Data problem when using <specify>
  16. String data will be saved as numeric in SPSS (case 10109)
  17. Quicktime Files
  18. Location of help files and manual
  19. Web pages and HTML produce white screen
  20. mp4 plays with sound in other players but not MediaLab despite 3ivx
  21. Warning Message
  22. Experiment only works for my login account
  23. Old QUE files showing up empty
  24. 3050 couldn't lock file
  25. Empty experiment file and HTML problem
  26. Where are the other samples?
  27. Authorization code does not work--and the number changes
  28. Mouse vs keyboard and using the 0 (zero) key?
  29. Do identical variable names cause lost data?
  30. My button is labelled '0' but shows up as '1' in data file
  31. Numeric variable being saved as text
  32. Ctrl-alt and right flips screen
  33. "Go Back" option
  34. When using <specify>, cancel option does not work
  35. Video Error
  36. HTML under different resolutions
  37. Problem with parameters
  38. Message boxes cause problems prior to v2006.2.26
  39. Runnning an MDE Executable?
  40. embedding authorware
  41. Skip Question
  42. Response Coding Shows Up...
  43. error message with custom questionnaire
  44. Moving Licenses between computers
  45. Location of essay text data
  46. Online ratings of a movie clip causes error
  47. File not loaded completely (.csv file format)
  48. data not imported in SPSS
  49. Can not run study off of the server
  50. trouble when using powerpoint slideshow
  51. Another instance of DirectRT already running
  52. Internet Explorer goes to support site automatically
  53. direct RT wont run in medialab
  54. getting rid of automatic messages
  55. Changes to experiment affects data files
  56. Windows Media Player problems
  57. seeing taskbar during medialab experiment
  58. Problems with Randomize-B with 2 conditions
  59. Right Clicking and Media
  60. Error reading setup initialization file
  61. Subscript out of range
  62. Strange characters in custom item data
  63. TTL signal to Biopac
  64. Sound but no video
  65. Possible reason for missing data
  66. Desktop visible during a questionnaire
  67. Commas in thought listing data
  68. Word Document dark
  69. Command Line Parameter not working properly
  70. Ampersand causes underline in text label
  71. Can cleared data be retrieved?
  72. Animated GIF doesn't animate
  73. Short videos not playing
  74. MediaLab and DirectRT have gone missing?
  75. Trouble copying and pasting in ML editor
  76. Creating different stroops
  77. Error message
  78. Problems with TTL
  79. Video Problems in Windows on Intel Mac
  80. Recover data when WriteData was unchecked?
  81. MPG videos not playing in MediaLab
  82. Data not lining up after wording change
  83. Location of data?
  84. Entering Random Numbers from Excel
  85. Stopping a quick style?
  86. BGR and WGR Trouble
  87. Making custom instructions and items appearing twice
  88. Play sound and record voice
  89. Blank screen on custom item
  90. Can't reposition background image
  91. Other programs interfering with MediaLab
  92. styles won't work
  93. Unconditional skipping fails in v2006.2.39
  94. Webpage cannot be displayed message
  95. power point problem
  96. taskbar intrusion when using pps
  97. Dragging ranking items off screen
  98. Essay Qn: "Runtime Error 76, Path not Found"
  99. seemingly random writing of data
  100. TTL unsolved problems
  101. Uneven Cells
  102. Problem with 'Select and run a single questionnaire'
  103. Trouble with uninstalling before reinstalling
  104. Randomized items are being skipped
  105. Missing variable name in vertical.mdb data file
  106. Extreme delay between MediaLab & DirectRT
  107. Save As Option for Preference Files
  108. trouble with video files
  109. Run time error with Voice Response question
  110. Early Termination During Random Slides
  111. move questionnaire from old computer to new one
  112. Very Slow Powerpoint
  113. Application error
  114. MediaLab freezes, running on Vista
  115. InstallShield error message
  116. authorization codes
  117. Online Rating with Audio Files
  118. Questionaire Background does not display
  119. Item Names renamed when open data in SPSS
  120. License Problem
  121. url going to lowercase and needs www?
  122. Using slider item type results in <> sorrounding question text
  123. Greek characters in data file
  124. Screensaver
  125. error 99
  126. Adjusting Speaker Volume
  127. Voice Response and .WAV Playback Issues
  128. Media Lab Skip Help
  129. Chinese problem
  130. Videos won't play
  131. SPSS.sav File missing
  132. custom item - html text input being saved without commas
  133. Experiment can't find bitmap
  134. Powerpoint pps with macro error
  135. HTML links advance pages in web tracker
  136. Background colour preference - changing default
  137. run-time error '3024'
  138. Media Lab: Problem with skipto command
  139. Masks Significantly Slow
  140. MediaLab doesn't return after running DirectRT
  141. DATA saved in byquestionnaire format is missing in byvariablename format
  142. storing fill-in-the-blank responses as numeric in SPSS
  143. Direct RT input files for IAT do not run in MediaLab
  144. run time error '13': type mismatch
  145. Run time error 401
  146. 99 as values for variables that should not be missing values?
  147. MediaLab Trouble Shooting: Run-time error '3343':
  148. Runtime error 52: Bad filename or number
  149. Unable to add sound file to questionnaire
  150. Error 94: Invalid Use of Null
  151. Slider not working in experiments
  152. Presenting stimuli in different orders using responses.xls
  153. trouble running inquisit session in medialab (case 4905)
  154. run time error 75
  155. viewing data
  156. Peices of data missing
  157. data saving as dates
  158. Trouble recoding data values for multiple response items
  159. run time error 9
  160. Data saving to SPSS as "ok" instead of numbers
  161. Skipping problem
  162. HTML Temp Files
  163. Not all questionnaires recorded in .sav.... help?
  164. Playing video files- sound only
  165. run time error 9 when press keys by accident
  166. Data
  167. Problems with 2nd video
  168. Slider results do not appear in SPSS
  169. Anti-virus scan
  170. variables missing, however time is recorded, what happened?
  171. Variable Message appears during skip pattern, closes questionnaire
  172. Valid Path Error 3044
  173. SPSS problem
  174. missing value not set
  175. screen flashes between each trial (case 5751)
  176. password prompt at end of session (v2006.1.38)
  177. Video is only playing sound not the visual
  178. Problems converting versions
  179. Variable names missing in Excel file, probably due to testing?
  180. Two Custom Item Issues
  181. Editing and Testing Questionnaires (2006 2.4)
  182. Confused about multiple response data
  183. Position of Background Images/HTML
  184. Zeros in SPSS file
  185. Kaspersky Internet Security
  186. Voice recording quality
  187. Problem with ü (umlaut) when using html-custom items
  188. Data not showing up in .sav file
  189. Problem with having only 1 variable in Custom Item HTML
  190. Between groups stops after 8 stimuli
  191. Error: Please try again
  192. Different Conditions write differently in v. 2004
  193. MediaLab freezes between transition of questionnaires and DirectRT
  194. Experiment editor saves old experiment data to new file?
  195. BGR problem w multiple blocks of trials
  196. trouble with video presentation
  197. How to put a picture on the center of the screen?
  198. Main versus individual data files for questionnaires?
  199. Following the First Tutorial
  200. Responses.xls Problem
  201. MediaLab vs Inquisit using .exp files (case 6837)
  202. Failing to display scales to participants
  203. Using multiple experiment files for one study
  204. video being randomly skipped (case 6812)
  205. Rounded numeric values in SPSS .SAV file?
  206. Media Lab Custom Item Crash
  207. Can't locate questionnaire files although pointed correctly
  208. Second DRT task overwriting data from first DRT task
  209. autostart file corrupted
  210. Questionnaire cannot be located
  211. Audio probes: SoundGen.ocx
  212. Video Discoloration and Screen Placement
  213. Path/File Access Error - Comport.txt
  214. ML opens to blank questionnaire, can't force-skip
  215. SPSS .sav file for byQuestionnaire?
  216. MediaLab asks for code repeatedly
  217. Medialab plays only some .mp3 files
  218. responses.xls is not working
  219. MediaLab Back Video is cropped
  220. can't open sample1.exp.
  221. Duplicated Values in Probes.sav
  222. Medialab won't play wmv files
  223. Software Conflict?
  224. InputRT error
  225. [v2004] MediaLab to DirectRT Freeze
  226. Runtime Error 75 - Path Access Error
  227. Webtracker
  228. Run Time Error 13: type mismatch
  229. Error message (text/numerical variables) after participant
  230. Customizing response options for scale items
  231. Dark pixel glitch with multiple response
  232. 3274 External Table?
  233. Authorization code frequently needs to be re-entered
  234. Skips between questionnaires not working
  235. variables in SPSS
  236. Slider Scale for dummies
  237. MediaLab Data Question
  238. Microsoft VB. Run-time error '6068' AND "busy component"
  239. data misaligned
  240. Power point problem‏ in MediaLab 2008
  241. Chinese Language
  242. Program crashes when running medialab
  243. Scale Response Option Causes MediaLab to Hard Exit...
  244. MediaLab freezing in Vista
  245. Using top parameter value on scale response causes all but one buttons to disappear
  246. poor sound quality
  247. No values recorded in data file
  248. Excel Responses File - Failure
  249. MediaLab freezing before last video
  250. Simultaneous subjects