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  1. Potential program conflicts?
  2. CRT or LCD monitors?
  3. When do voice RTs begin recording?
  4. Touchscreen Monitors?
  5. Calculation of Response Time
  6. How accurate are the RTs measured by DirectRT?
  7. Images stored on a network drive?
  8. Upgrading to use Reduce Data Files
  9. MediaLab & DirectRT: Set-up questions
  10. Question re BGR and WGR values and effects (case 387)
  11. Tracking mouse clicks (case 3886)
  12. DirectRT exposure presentation duration
  13. How accurate is the RT when a microphone is used?
  14. stop a movie file to display a text box.
  15. stopping a movie
  16. RT data for timed trial in log output
  17. refresh rate, test online
  18. Degree of RT accuracy?
  19. Random presentation times?
  20. DirectRT Tutorial
  21. Sample sessions not showing up
  22. Can I get a finer measurement of session start time?
  23. Continuous Questions/Fixed Time
  24. Randomization of left-right orientation
  25. automatically stop running the session
  26. Tobii eye tracker integration
  27. Trouble playing sound clip
  28. using previous response in text file
  29. Delete intervals between trials.
  30. Voice response to multiple files
  31. Dual-task paradigm with visual and auditory probes, spoken and key-press responses
  32. Does DirectRT support 8-bit Chinese characters?
  33. display videos
  34. executeDRT.exe
  35. Video file problem
  36. Selecting picture randomly
  37. Key codes for number pad?
  38. DirectRT for Vista
  39. DirectRT and Vista
  40. Compound screen (Text + Image)
  41. Key release time and reaction time with simultaneous responses
  42. license number
  43. styles not responding
  44. Video file playing too long
  45. "to slow" feedback kills rest of trial
  46. -1 Response in data file
  47. How do I set an image as a background?
  48. Visual search
  49. meta command with skipping mid-trial
  50. TTL response accuracy
  51. Max time interfering with next event?
  52. problems with style editor
  53. Learning Effects?
  54. How to log during randomization?
  55. Problems with rights to DirectRT
  56. weird icons instead of bmp files
  57. DirectRT on Vista
  58. Source of Key Codes?
  59. Saving data in case of crash?
  60. British spellings?
  61. Documentation for meta commands?
  62. Compressed vs. uncompressed image files
  63. Data Reduction Feature (case 431)
  64. How do I make a zip file for posting an attachment?
  65. Dot Probe
  66. How do I do random paring from a list and jumping combined? (case 2014)
  67. Multiple stimuli presented at the same time
  68. audio files won't play
  69. opening_style_file_in_vista
  70. TTYL signal problems
  71. TTYL signal problems
  72. Viewing Randomly Chosen Stimuli in Output File
  73. IAT Question
  74. Zooming with Joystick in Approach-Avoidance Task
  75. Black Screen
  76. Use of PST Serial Response box in DirectRT
  77. Where is keypress output stored for vocal responses?
  78. video and audio sync
  79. Row 2 requests style code 0, which does not exist ...
  80. interactive tutorial
  81. Direct RT Beta 2010 problem with Vista
  82. Can you have the response vary randomly with a random stim list DRT v2006?
  83. Max time but require keypress
  84. changing the location of the open ended response box
  85. Dot-Probe script
  86. max# of images per trial and jumping
  87. Correct and incorrect responses
  88. Direct RT: Voice RT question
  89. Referencing DirectRT
  90. Randomization in IAT
  91. Problems with randomization using Direct RT
  92. how to time stamp in experiment files
  93. automatic continuation
  94. Pictures shown on random not seen on data log
  95. Stroop Task Color Randomization
  96. Min-Max Values Question
  97. Not allow participants to enter same word twice
  98. Randomization question
  99. Media Lab 2006 and DirectRT 2008
  100. recording multiple keypresses within a single file?
  101. JND frequency discrimination and Direct RT
  102. Can DirectRT Present Subliminal Images?
  103. Open Office
  104. Has your screen ever blacked out?
  105. Row 2 has a missing value for one of its columns
  106. disappearing .csv file
  107. experiment suddenly ends
  108. problem with between block randomization when using the "display former stim" func
  109. Multiple key presses for only two words
  110. Motion Visual Search Task
  111. Visual Search
  112. Key press feedback: Number 10?
  113. Yoking Error
  114. Problems with direct RT running BMPs
  115. DirectRT and Keyboard
  116. Attaching a sound file to a randomized trial.
  117. Running different trials from the same .csv file
  118. Presentation time limit in addition to subsequent KeyPress time
  119. background web page during experiment?
  120. Utilizing response time with music wave files
  121. Ranking images with DirectRT (case 20529)
  122. Voice Response with Stop Key
  123. Different display-durations of &list-stimuli
  124. mouse button on an image
  125. making the cursor disappear
  126. Mismatch for Resp and Name in output file
  127. Randomizing question
  128. using two style codes within the same trial
  129. Dot probe task with images
  130. recording reading time in Direct RT
  131. Randomization of Stimulus Locations
  132. Calculating amount paid to participants based on data output
  133. why priming time varies in the interval of 16-18ms
  134. Jumping
  135. looping
  136. problem of displaying images in older version of DirectRT
  137. Error: input file may be in read-only format
  138. Compound Screen and flickery screen
  139. Left Side of Screen Flashes
  140. Skipping Questions
  141. Programming a Feedback Task
  142. Similar problems as others: Row 15 missing LOC value
  143. Soooo Mac or no Mac? (case 6526)
  144. Running DirectRT as non-admin
  145. Proceeding Back and Forth
  146. pushbutton device
  147. Vista to XP
  148. NEW subliminal issue
  149. DirectRT on Windows 7
  150. Help with non-English characters
  151. Session ends before input file is finished
  152. No Compatable Resolution
  153. Preventing Yoking
  154. Video problems
  155. Skipping Trials?
  156. DirectRT: Compatibility v2006/v2010beta
  157. Blank screen at end of video
  158. running sound files during presentation of directrt file
  159. Style Codes
  160. Recorded Random Stimulus, Direct RT v2008
  161. crank up the resolution of .gif in directRT?
  162. blank screen after a free response trial in directrt
  163. Visual Prime working in v.2008 but not v.2006
  164. Problems with presentation times
  165. Making the data more manageable
  166. only answering some questions
  167. Data not being recorded with v2004
  168. using word (doc) files as stimuli
  169. a series of IAT
  170. Timing off in direct rt file (version 2008)
  171. how to design excel sheet with fixation point
  172. Recording how long participants hold a key
  173. How to change the location of the dialogue box?
  174. Feedback image instead of letter response?
  175. Viewing Help on the Web
  176. trial interval time taking too long
  177. Hide mouse cursor
  178. Online access
  179. 3d
  180. Reponse window/show the stimulus again contingent upon reaction time
  181. Missing LOC value
  182. DirectRT IAT Feedback
  183. graphic cues superimposed on video sequences
  184. IAT randomization
  185. Keyboard shortcut to skip a trial?
  186. Random Numbers
  187. Direct RT
  188. v2008 freezes
  189. Missing LOC value in version 2008 but works fine in version 2010 (case 475)
  190. Invisible Cursor (case 16408)
  191. Uninterpretable Error Message
  192. lists of stim lists?
  193. voice answer questions
  194. 16 bits of precision?
  195. Not playing .WAV files
  196. GNAT possible in v2004?
  197. mac display problems
  198. correct and incorrect feedback on different screens
  199. Counter
  200. Subliminal Prime Presentation Time
  201. RTs for open ended responses
  202. Video stutter in DRT v2008 with Win7
  203. Compund Screen
  204. stimuli presentation based on previous responses
  205. Potential Fatal Error in DirectRT
  206. GNAT response deadline
  207. display user feedback
  208. interrupt a trial
  209. Staircase Procedure
  210. Overwriting data
  211. Dot probe - Randomizing question (case 1768)
  212. Error for Missing TIME values in row 3, but this is simply not true
  213. Timing Function
  214. videos play in odd colors
  215. Sliding scale
  216. stopping video stimulus at specific times
  217. Set a video to pause in set time intervals
  218. not running dichotic sound file in DirectRT?
  219. style for images
  220. Changing styles in mid-sentence (case 497)
  221. Old Direct RT file not running (case 498)
  222. Hard time limit for meta function (case 485)
  223. Trials and BLocks (case 477)
  224. Sending TTL Signals (case 472)
  225. adaptive model (case 16521)
  226. TTL SIgnals - Pins?
  227. Gender IAT
  228. Need help with n-back task on Direct RT v.2006
  229. Adaptive Trial Lengths
  230. Cannot get my IAT to run
  231. response-dependent trials (case 468)
  232. Style requested 0 not in drt (case 441)
  233. TTL signals via Bluetooth? (case 407)
  234. TTL signals via Bluetooth (case 144)
  235. DirectRT 2006 on Windows 7