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  1. Do I need both DirectRT and MediaLab?
  2. Do MediaLab and DirectRT work with Macs?
  3. MediaLab and DirectRT vs. E-Prime, Inquisit, SuperLab, Mel, Presentation, ...
  4. How do we cite MediaLab and DirectRT?
  5. Installing the software: Downloading vs. CD-ROM
  6. How to Pay for Purchases with a PO, Credit Card or Wire Transfer
  7. Do you have a demo or trial period for your software?
  8. Is there a record of our license numbers?
  9. Is there a hardcopy of the manual available?
  10. How does your pricing/licensing system work?
  11. New code prompt changes each time we open and close the window
  12. How do I install the software if I don't have Internet access?
  13. Do you have a brochure or other sales material?
  14. Version / Backwards Compatibility (case 40)
  15. Can we install in a locked down lab?
  16. Computer System and Setup Recommendations? (case 2912)
  17. Windows 2003 Server compatibility
  18. Tablet PC for XP
  19. Can't register my email address?
  20. MediaLab or DirectRT on a network server?
  21. Window XP Home Edition is ok?
  22. Windows XP 64-bit Compatiblity
  23. Paper and Pencil vs. Computerized Experiments (case 5457)
  24. Upgrade questions
  25. Silent installation?
  26. Banned email address message when registering
  27. Running a study off-campus?
  28. Vista Compatibility?
  29. ML & DRT on MAC with Bootcamp
  30. Software with neurophysiology
  31. Training Workshops
  32. Office 2007 compatibility with MediaLab
  33. Running remote sessions
  34. Learning more about reaction time research
  35. Move Licenses Between Computers
  36. Run-only version?
  37. Activating Your Departmental or Campus-Wide Site License (case 492)
  38. Doing programming from remote location
  39. What's new in v2008
  40. Medialab on extra computer
  41. Multiple sessions with same subjects using MediaLab?
  42. palmtop/handheld computers
  43. Price & How to order
  44. Size of MediaLab and DirectRT installations
  45. printing responses based on scoring of questionnaires
  46. MediaLab vs. DirectRT
  47. How does Media Lab compare to Qualtrics?
  48. Movie Files
  49. Error: "Network resource that is unavailable."
  50. v2010 Availability, Vista, Windows 7, Macs, Online Studies
  51. ECCN for Medialab and DirectRT
  52. K2 Keyserver?
  53. Online Version of MediaLab/DirectRT?
  54. Trial version of DirectRT on Windows Vista
  55. DirectRT / MediaLab Online FAQ
  56. Windows 7
  57. Can DirectRT stand alone for my project?
  58. upgrading to beta v2010 to enable web studies
  59. [solved] Is MediaLab 2010 Available?
  60. Downloading a version of Direct RT 2010 after System Restore
  61. Upgrading from v2006 to v2008
  62. Upgrading from v2004 to v2010 - Compatibility?
  63. Is Online Study Functionality Available for Beta Testing?
  64. Media lab 2010 price
  65. IP licensing
  66. Media Lab input devices
  67. IAT for stereotypes of African Americans
  68. Transfer program to different computer
  69. Cant determine local IP address for authorization
  70. tricky licensing issue - please help! (case 15128)
  71. Licensing lost seats (case 16276)
  72. Push install and IP licensing (case 17444)
  73. Quotation on Digital Analog Slider with Buttons (case 21291)
  74. Delivery to an instituion other than the current address
  75. Psychopy vs DirectRT (case 36342)
  76. license code problem
  77. Does DirectRT have an "online option"?
  78. Trying to get my computers activated for training tomorrow