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  1. DOS / Linux Support / Windows Boot-Time support
  2. DirectIN Hardware in Parallel with Existing Keyboard
  3. Communicating with PowerLab hardware: TTL
  4. Video Cards
  5. TTL signal to Biopac
  6. Button Box Setup
  7. Long delay in DirectRT
  8. Sending TTL signal from one computer to another
  9. Flushing serial TTL buffer
  10. problem with button box
  11. TTL problems: I/O Test
  12. TTL-Problems with PCI-parallel port card
  13. Having problems with TTL on Vista
  14. Button Box Not Recognized
  15. unable to get the TTL Signal
  16. ms-keyboards aren't working through bootcamp on macs
  17. DirectIn Response boxes on Mac OS 10.5/10.6
  18. Microphone input connection error
  19. TTL suddenly not sending - I/O test not working
  20. MediaLab Trouble w/ XP
  21. the integration of DirectRT and MediaLab in a system by Mindware
  22. DirectIN keyboards, driver software fails to install
  23. keyboard problem (case 3996)
  24. Missing Data
  25. Fail to send a TTL signal due to port number
  26. button box problem with Windows 7 (case 2758)
  27. poor voice response time resolution (case 14820)
  28. RT sensitive keyboard problem
  29. DirectIN Rotary Controller on Mac OS 10.10 (case 19155)
  30. Firmware Update for DirectIN Millisecond Keyboard
  31. PCI card needed to output TTL pulses through computer via parallel port (case 25817)
  32. PCI card needed to output TTL pulses through computer via parallel port (case 26047)
  33. Send TTLs via (Virtual) Serial Port? (case 26512)
  34. Recording voice RT (case 34074)
  35. Sending TTLs: When MediaLab 2018 works, but DirectRT 2018 doesn't case 34924)