MediaLab Sample Experiments

Tutorial and Additional Samples

A good way to get the feeling of how MediaLab works is to run a couple sample experiments and then look to see how they were put together. If you are new to MediaLab you can get the gist of things by running through the quick on-line tutorial. From the main menu in MediaLab, select Help > On-Line Tutorial. The text from the six steps of the tutorial are also contained in this section (see Sample 1) in case you would rather work from a hard copy (if you are reading this online, you can always right click any topic and select Print).

After that, you can take a look at any of the additional sample experiments that illustrate the basic features of MediaLab. They are contained in the Samples folder of the MediaLab program folder. With the exception of the first basic sample, all the samples are zipped and will need to be unzipped in order to use them. If you are using Windows XP or later, you can do this by right clicking on the zip file and selecting Extract All.

Other Sources for Samples - see Forum > MediaLab Questions > MediaLab Archive (v2000-v2012) > MediaLab Older Versions: Sharing Area

This area of our website forums is provided for you to post your MediaLab experiments, questionnaires and other MediaLab related files for others to play with. Feel free to post away! Also, feel free to comment on any posts if you happen to try them--sort of an informal peer review process. We may edit posts when we deem it necessary. Please zip your files and folders whenever possible! Note that you will need to register to download files, but registering is quick, easy and free.

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