Preferences and Options


The Preferences menu in the main MediaLab window provides a way to edit and save default and alternative program options.

Two types of files can be created and edited here. The first is the MediaLab Preferences File (.mlp) which contains font and color combinations as well as a number of general program options. The second is the MediaLab QuickStyle File (.mlq) which contains ONLY font and color information. Normally, you would have just one Preferences file (usually default.mlp which is loaded automatically) and many QuickStyle files. This is because you can only have one Preferences file loaded during an experiment, but you can apply multiple QuickStyle files throughout your experiment by requesting them in your questionnaires or experiment files. If you do not create or request any QuickStyle files during your experiment, then the default fonts and colors in your Preferences file will be used.


Fonts and Colors

On-the-fly-editing of Word Documents

Hide MediaLab Rats

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Use Unique Machine Code

Password to Exit Experiments

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Load Other Preferences File

Disable Clear Data

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Quick Styles

Character Set & Foreign Fonts

Changing Default Feedback and Message Text

AutoStart files to Automate Subject and Condition IDs