File (Editor Menu)


The following describes the functions provided in the File menu of the MediaLab Experiment Editor.


New Experiment

Creates a new experiment file for editing. See Experiment Files for details.

New Questionnaire

Creates a new questionnaire file for editing. See Questionnaire Files for details.


Opens an existing experiment (.exp) or questionnaire (.que) file for editing.

Open Recent

Select from the list of recently edited experiment and questionnaire files for editing.

Launch Explorer

Runs Windows Explorer for file browsing. See suggestion regarding the visibility of file extensions (e.g., .que, .exp, .htm, .doc, .etc)

Launch DirectRT

Runs DirectRT if you have it installed. See for details.


Saves the active file with its current name and location on your drive.


Saves the active file but allows you to specify a new file name and/or save location.

Page Setup

Allows you to set print options such as margins, portrait vs. landscape and which columns to print. See Printing for details.

Print Preview

Allows to preview printed output.


Prints the contents of the active file.


Exits the MediaLab Experiment Editor.