Running from the Main Program


The easiest way to run an input file is through the main program window of DirectRT (what you see when you run DirectRT.exe). From the file menu, select "Select and run input file," or hit Ctrl-S.


Selecting an Input File

From the Files menu of the main program window, you have three ways to select an input file to execute:

Select and Run Input File

If you haven't executed the input file before, this choice allows you to search through the folders on your machine to find the desired input file. Locate the input file and then either double click on it, or select it and click "open.'

Run Last Input File Again

This choice will execute the input file most recently run on the machine. The key sequence "Ctrl-R" will perform the same function. This command is handy when multiple participants are being run back-to-back using the same input file, or when you're developing and testing an input file.

Run a Recent Input File

DirectRT keeps track of the ten most recently run input files and displays them in the Files menu. Clicking on any one of them will re-run the selected input file (assuming it's where you left it).

Subject and Condition

After selecting your input file, you will be prompted to enter a subject and condition ID (these are just for your own tracking purposes and have no impact on the session). Enter any numeric value for Subject and any alpha-numeric value for Condition and then press OK to start the session. Note that your condition value will usually be "1" unless you are tracking some between subject assignment (e.g., an independent mood manipulation prior to the DirectRT session).

Running a Range of Trials

To run a select range of trials from the input file, type the range in the Range field. Do this by indicating the first and last rows of the input file you want to run, separated by a dash (e.g., entering 5-15 would cause DirectRT to run the trials located in the 5th though 15th rows of the input file). To run all the trials you can simply enter the word all.

To stop a session early, press "Esc" and the session will end and the data up that point will be saved.

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