Getting Started

Setup and Features

Introduction and Key Concepts

Main Menu Commands

Designing Experiments

Creating Input Files

Styles and the Style Editor

Running an Input File

Viewing Data

DirectRT Samples



Welcome to the interactive help system for DirectRT v2016. You can search this documentation using the Contents, Index and Search tabs in the left-hand window. If you prefer a hard copy, you will find all of this same information located in a printable PDF help manual in the C:\DirectRT\Help folder. You will need Acrobat Reader to view and print the manual.

If you are new to DirectRT, we suggest you start by running some of the samples to see what DirectRT can do. You can do this by going through the on-line tutorial or you can access the samples directly in the Samples folder in the DirectRT program folder just as if they were real experiments.

If you have a question that these help files do not answer, please visit our support site at or visit to contact us directly.