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Thread: data saved as "OK" instead of actual value

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    data saved as "OK" instead of actual value (case 26993)

    Hi there,

    I've been using Medialab (v2014.1.121) successfully for a couple of psychological rating studies already (personality ratings based on video-recordings).

    However, the last time, the actual data was saved in the data sheets (Excel, txt as well as using the SPSS syntax, both in the "byquestionnaire" and "byvariablename" folders) as "OK" instead of the actual number chosen by the raters (on a 11-point scale from -5 to +5). Previously, "OKs" appeared between the actual rating data, now the actual rating data does not appear to have been saved, only several "OKs".

    Also, changing WriteText column to value "11" in the .que-file did not solve the problem, neither did changing between Item Types "Custom" and "HTML".

    I'm now wondering whether anyone would have an idea how to still retrieve the correct rating data our participants entered (since I invested a considerable amount of time and money in the rating studies)?

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