First public release of DirectRT v2016 (v2016.1.101).

Changes, updates and bug fixes included in v2016 are documented here.

As we continue to update v2016, all licensed users will have free access to the new releases (as well as any earlier versions). Announcement of new releases, feature additions, bug fixes and other updates will be regularly posted here.

Most of the changes in v2016 reflect our efforts to maintain DirectRT's compatibility with the newest versions of Windows (Vista, 7, 8, 10) while maintaining compatibility with earlier versions such as XP.

Some other specific changes of note:

In keeping with v2012-v2014, IP-base licensing no longer requires the user to deal with dll files. When departmental, school and campus wide site licenses are purchased. we are now hard coding the IP ranges into the software so that the user-experience is seamless, quick and easy.