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Thread: Select and run input file

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    Select and run input file

    Hallo everybody!

    I am a German student of Psychology working on a study for my diploma with the help of MediaLab and DirectRT.

    I have problems running an input file. DirectRT starts the selected file but the (text-)items do not appear on screen.

    I have already tried out a text sample of the program which runs perfectly.
    But as soon as I save this file (without any changes) to my folder and restart it the items do not appear either.
    I have already checked hardware and drivers as well but they are new and without any trouble.

    Do I have to notice special restrictions concerning folder or file? Is it not allowed to have too many subfolders saving the input file? I have alreay tried out saving the file simply without any subfolders but it does not work either.

    Another thing I do not understand is the fact that DirectRT warns that the first item (second row) requests a "0" but that there is no "0" in the style file. I do not understand this because the second row does not request a "0" but a "1".
    Therefore I changed code "1" of the style file into "0" and the error did not appear anylonger. But still there is just a black screen without showing the items. And after some seconds the screen is reduced to smaller size but without giving a warning.

    Please help me- I have tried the whole day and I am now really terrified. I need this program to do a study for my diploma/ exam.

    Actually I work with MediaLab but starting the questionnaire with the input file does not work either - it is the same problem with black screen without any items.

    I thank you vey much!

    Lots of greetings from Germany,


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