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Thread: Output File Issues excel spreadsheet (case 17316)

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    Output File Issues excel spreadsheet (case 17316)

    I am using MediaLab 2014


    I encountered a strange situation in which it seems that new variables were created (or automatically generated) in the outputfiles. These variables are not present in the experiment but are rather variations of variables. The exact variables were labeled SANuniq1, SANuniq2, SANuniq3, SANuniq4, but what appeared in the output files was SANuniq1_01, SANuniq1_02, SANuniq1_03, SANuniq1_04... then SANuniq2_01, SANuniq2_02 etc., thereby turning my 4 item scale into 16 and miss labeling every variable following and causing other variables to do the same thing: ntbs1 became ntbs1_01, ntbs1_02, ntbs1_03, ntbs1_04, ntbs1_05 but then did it for all ntbs variables 1-10 creating 50 variables rather than the 10. This happened for several variables on several computers (we have 34 computers used for data collection). I thought that by relabeling them SANuniq1_01 to SANuniq1 and SANuniq1_02 to SANuniq2 that I could save all the data collected but its a very long process as SANuniq1 was the 64th out of 210 different lines in the questionnaire. I will still be looking into that.


    What I have done is go in and cut out the extra variables that were generated and save the excel spreadsheet. I then took the survey several times with different answers (we are using a lot of randomizing) and it seemed to be working. BUT there are a couple places where the participant should be seeing "Instructions" but instead of an "ok" or "99" to indicate that they did see or did not see those interactions a couple of times it has a number such as 5. It isn't possible to respond with a number to instructions. It seems that all subsequent questions are off by one place. I can't figure out though why it is off by one and at the very end of the spread sheet the last number in those rows is in its own column with no label.
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    Spreadsheet with the above mentioned issue

    Here is the spreadsheet with some highlight in the places I noticed were off. Either it was impossible to answer because it was instructions or a video, or it was a question that required a response (such as 1 - 5) and ended up saying "ok" instead.
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    Can you please upload a copy of the .que files that go with the previously uploaded output sheet? If you would rather send them to me directly, please send them to support@empirisoft.com and refer to case 17316 in the email.
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