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Thread: Delay MinMax Message (case 6403)

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    Delay MinMax Message (case 6403)

    I need to set the Max rt to 600ms but I don't want the Max message "Too Slow" to appear until 1000ms later. Any idea how this might be accomplished?
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    Use a skip feature . . .

    This cannot be accomplished with the min-max feature (as far as I can tell, anyway!), but could be accomplished with a skip feature.

    In the Time column, create a skip feature. If a RT response is over 600ms, skip to a row with a 1000ms delay, then a presentation of the "Too slow" message. Adequate responses will skip to the next trial.

    What you're basically doing here is making a manual min-max feature. It will make for a more complex input file, you'll have to make sure a lot of skips are going to the right place, but it will accomplish what you're asking for.

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    Thank you. I appreciate the help!

    I've had a closer look at the code but I am not sure how to figure this out.

    In the time column, I need Direct RT to read a number of things. Currently I have the code as: rt:1,9<999, where 999 is an "Incorrect Response" message.

    But in order to delay the "Too Slow" response I would need to find a way to ensure that a response, correct (1) or incorrect (9) occurs within 600ms, and if correct, but too slow, show the "Too slow" message 1 second after correctly selecting 1. But if the response is incorrect and too slow, I need to display the "Too slow" message one second after the incorrect (9) response followed by a "Incorrect Response" message. So you can see the problem is quite complex (at least for someone new to Direct RT.

    Any ideas? I've attached my code here.

    Best wishes!
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    Complex Skips . . .

    I'm afraid we've both wandered out of the territory of what DirectRT can do, and into something only MediaLab could handle.

    I was incorrect when I suggested DirectRT could do a response time dependent skip, that itself is something you could only do with MediaLab. That is doubly true for your wish to have a complex skip of reaction time and response correctness.

    Using DirectRt embedded within MediaLab could accomplish what you want, but it would be a VERY laborious set-up. I'm thinking you would have to have have each individual trial of the IAT be a separate DirectRT input file, with a brief MediaLab screen inbetween to allow a complex skip (utilizing responses.xls) to determine if the participant needs to see a message about hitting the wrong key or taking too long. Of course, this more complex program juggling could add delays itself, meaning you will not achieve the precision you are looking for.

    So I think we're back where you started, you want to delay the appearance of the "too slow" screen. I don't see a practical way to do that. You can adjust what's on the too slow screen, you can adjust how long the too slow screen displays for, but I don't think you can insert a delay between the maximum time and the display of the too slow screen.

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