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Thread: TTL codes not showing in data (case 4840)

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    TTL codes not showing in data (case 4840)

    (DirectRT version 2008 ) We are having an issue with our ttl codes not showing up anymore in WinEEG. Using PUTTY we can see that we are receiving information from the slave computer on the primary (suggesting the problem is not with computer to computer communication). Even so, nothing is coming in in the form of ttl codes on the data screen in WinEEG. What it seems like it that DirectRT is no longer sending them. The same files that worked previously (meaning we have recorded ttl codes for it in our data) are no longer showing ttl codes when we re-run them. At a loss as to how to proceed. Why is it not sending ttl codes anymore?
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    Hi there!

    Was there anything I could help you with in using DirectRT to send ttl signals to WinEEG?
    Jason Reed
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