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Thread: Using ML to simulate chat room

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    Using ML to simulate chat room

    Hello! Has anyone used ML to create a simulated chatroom? I will have participants in cubicles who think they are communicating with real people but I would like to use ML to send them prewritten messages. Any suggestions? I have high hopes of using the custom question feature but if a programmer proves to be too expensive is there a way to make the standard questions more believable (e.g., getting rid of the continue button and having the question advance on its own a la ppt?)
    Thanks in advance for any advice! My dissertation is counting on you!

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    Hi Jenn,

    see here: http://www.empirisoft.com/Support/showthread.php?t=789
    For a "communication task" within the saying-is-believing paradigm we used a similar setting. We used java script to time some "chat" feedback. You have to look into one of the HNFC* or LHNFC* conditions.

    The whole experiment uses custom items to make it ostensibly browser/internet based and to make the interaction more realistically. Let me know if you have any further questions


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