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Thread: data is not collected (case 3517)

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    data is not collected (case 3517)


    I am trying to program an Directed Forgetting task, in which the subject sees a word for 3 seconds, followed by a blank screen for 5 seconds more. During the blank screen i ask the participants to identify whether it was a positive, neutral of negative work by pressing specific keys on the keyboard. Therefore, i need the blank screen to stay for 5 seconds while recording their response. I have created a csv file that works but the data is not collected (only headings). And the block number is not 0. I attach the csv file and hope u can help me.
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    You need to take the 5000, out of the stim column, column M in your .csv input file. You can use the sim cells in the .csv input file to define a display time or keypress, but not both.

    To use a keypress, define the keycodes in the .csv input file. You can control the window of response time by using the min-max field of your styles.drt file. See this section of the DirectRT manual for more information: http://www.empirisoft.com/directrt/h..._rt_limits.htm
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