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Thread: v2008 overflow (error #6) refresh rate problem in windows 7 (case 2379)

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    v2008 overflow (error #6) refresh rate problem in windows 7 (case 2379)

    hey all
    i've scoured the support forums but nobody gave a solution that works for me.

    system info:
    lenovo thinkpad X200
    windows 7 service pack 1
    32 bit
    2 gb ram
    2.4 ghz cpu
    graphics card: Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family
    docking station

    the problem:
    (almost) every time i try to run an input file (i'd say 97% of the time) i immediately get error #6:
    "DirectRT can not determine your display's refresh rate which is critical for accurate timing. The cause of this problem is usually an outdated or disabled video driver, or disabled hardware acceleration in your video settings. If you needs help resolving this issue please report this error to suport@empirisoft.com. Error #6. Overflow"

    stuff i've tried already (AFTER removing the laptop from the docking station):
    1. installing the 2008 version using the drt2010.2.103.exe setup file and choosing 2008 (my licence is for 2008)
    2. check directx. nothing came up missing or buggy, i've attached the dxdiag.txt file
    3. updating registry entry
    timeout variable to 7. it was already 7 and didn't change at all.
    4. changing my refresh rate to 50hz (only 50 and 60 hz are my options)
    5. playing with resolutions - i've set my computer resolution to something that matches the resolution in Edit->Edit Default Styles->Screen Size.

    nothing helps.

    any thoughts?

    i don't want to upgrade, no more budget

    thanks in advance
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    You should consider either using a version of DirectRT more recent than the 2010 versions or trying an NVidia brand video card.
    Jason Reed
    Empirisoft Software Support Specialist

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