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Thread: Measure RT and go to next page

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    Measure RT and go to next page


    Would anyone be able to tell me how I am able to measure reaction time by clicking on one of two keys on the keyboard, which would then allow the program to go to the next page? I am aware that I can do this through a scaled response using the key's "1" and "2" but ideally i would like to use the keys "a" and "l" or two keys further apart????

    I have both directRT and Media Lab.

    Esentially I need to have participants indicate "left" or "right" on the keyboard in response to a picture and have reaction time measured and the next picture show?


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    If you have DirectRT, it's perfect for this kind of thing. Take a look at the "image priming" sample that comes with DirectRT. You should be able to use it with only minor modifications.

    It's located here:
    C:\DirectRT\Samples\4 applications\image priming\implicit.csv

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    Thanks so much will give it a go!!!!

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