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Thread: write data to different location (case 1164)

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    write data to different location (case 1164)

    Hi, for data privacy purposes I would like to have the data written location outside folder where the script files are located. I would like the medialab script to be in one directory and the data to be in and entirely unrelated folder. Is this possible?
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    Hi sbls,

    I see you're in the DRT thread, but your question sounded like you want to have your data written to an alternate folder in MediaLab (you said MediaLab scripts, so I wasn't quite sure)?

    For MediaLab, you can set the preferences (preferences->edit preferences) and on the "run" tab you can select an alternate data folder.

    For DRT, I don't see an easy way to accomplish this. Are you trying to protect a participant's confidentiality from being associated with having done a particular task in DRT? Or are you concerned that people will get into your data and possibly corrupt your data? I would suggest looking at file permissions of the folder itself so that your scripts and the data can only be accessed by you or by a particular log in. This might be useful if you are sharing computers in a lab and you don't want other lab users to access your data.

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