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Thread: Block Order in output file

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    Block Order in output file


    I'm trying to figure out if there is a way to ascertain which blocks were presented when. I tried to sort the trial column by the order column, but it appears to be incorrect. I have 360 trials and the order column goes up to 372. Additionally, some order numbers are missing.


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    Would need to see the input file. But remember that any non-block trials that were presented (e.g., instruction screens and such) will also have order numbers in there unless you assigned them a 0 for a block value. Also, trials that do not collect any response are, by default, not written to the data file unless they are assigned a negative block value (i.e., as of v2006).

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    Thanks for the reply. I assigned the Block values for instruction screens to 0 and every trial should have had a response.
    I attached the input file and the output files.
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    Hi Gary,

    Ah. I think what you are seeing is that the order column takes into account ALL trials--even if you request that some not be written to the data file. If you sort by the Order column, e.g., you will find that the missing order values are those representing the excluded instruction screens. The reason the values go to 372 instead of 360 is the same--you actually have 372 trials when you include the instructions. Does that make sense?


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