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Thread: IAT data from Direct RT

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    IAT data from Direct RT

    I designed an IAT program using Direct RT for an experiment and am now trying to analyze the results. The experiment had 7 blocks, the first two of which were labeled as block 0 since they were both practice blocks, and two conditions. However, now that I'm looking at the data, I've noticed that results from block 0 (the first 2 practice blocks) weren't recorded. I've attached the scripts for the two conditions, condition 1 (IAT1) and condition 2 (IAT2) as well as data from a participant from each group 21005 (from condition 2) and 11021 (from condition 1). Do you know why the results from block 0 weren't recorded or if there's a way for me to access it?

    Also, I wanted the program to randomize when each condition was presented, but for condition 1, it looks like the program didn't do that (the conditions were presented in chunks). However, it worked for condition 2. Do you know why the program didn't randomize the conditions in condition 1? Please let me know if you need more information.

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