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Thread: Showing a table during a scale response?

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    Showing a table during a scale response?

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    I have a question about Medialab. For a test I must use scale responses. But the subjects have to react to a table with numbers. Is it possible to insert a table in the scale response items? So, that the subjects see a table and among them the response alternatives. I know it is possible to first show a picture and then scale responses, but I would like to have the table on the same sheet as the response alternatives. The table I would like to insert is made in Word. I hope you understand my question, because my english is not so good.

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    Yes, you can do this. Try saving your Word doc as an html file (you should see this option in Word as "Save As" or the Dutch equivalent). Then, in your scale response item, enter the name of the html file in the "background" field. Add location and size of the window in percentages like this:

    mytable.htm (t.1,l.5,w.4,h.7)
    Or something like that. See background in the user's guide for more detail. Let me know if you have any trouble with it.

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