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Thread: image sequence - recall

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    image sequence - recall

    In my project so far, I have Direct RT displaying a series of images (bmp's) which flash for 250ms each so that it resembles a 'movie'. The images display a person's emotion 'morphing' into another emotion, and the goal of the participant is to indicate the moment at which they discern the difference between the two emotions. Is there a way for the frames to progress on their own (without the participant having to press a key for the frame to go from one to the next), but have Direct RT record the frame at which the participant chose to indicate the difference in emotions (after having pressed the designated key)? My ultimate aim is to see if Direct RT can present the chosen image frame in a subsequent trial/slide and ask follow-up questions. Thank you so much in advance!

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    See if this helps:


    Also, check out the section on min-max in the user's guide. If every image is shown for a constant time like 300ms, then set the min-max value for that trial to 0-300! which will have DirectRT continuing automatically after each 300ms segment. You will end up with an RT for each image though which may or may not be ok to you. If not, then consider the animation strategy referred to in the link above. Let me know if that helps!

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