Iíve been given the task in my lab to write (if possible) a version of the Partner GNAT for DirectRT. My lab currently has version 2004. I noticed that there is a GNAT sample script included with DirectRT starting in a later version. I had a few questions about that:

Does this script actually require a version newer than 2004? If not, is there any place it can be downloaded?
If your script does require a more recent version of DirectRT, my lab was would like to know before deciding to upgrade if it had managed to work around one particular problem I had encountered in writing my own script: the fact that the category columns would disappear briefly between individual trials when the entire screen cleared, rather than the columns remaining constant. That is our prime concern, seeing as the documentation for your GNAT sample script seems to cover all of the other problems we have encountered.

Thank you in advance for your support.