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Thread: [solved] trouble with RTRR function?

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    [solved] trouble with RTRR function?


    I'm running a study using DirectRT on three different computers and randomly mid-study the screen will go black and stop collecting data. I have to manually open the task manager and force executeDirectRT to stop running in order to get rid of the black screen. The "freeze" and black screen issue happens randomly - on different computers, at different points in the DirectRT file, etc.

    I'm attaching the input file here for help. Please advise.
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    Version numbers

    I'm running DirectRT version 2008.01.13
    It is running on Windows XP (v 2002) computers.


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    I noticed that you had a minor typo in one of your input file cells ("RTRR" on block 1, trial 1). I haven't tried a revision with that fixed on v2008 on XP but it couldn't hurt to check that out. Please let me know if that doesn't help.
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    I'll fix the RTRR typo in the input file that you mentioned and see if that fixes the issue. Thanks for checking.

    [Moderator note: This problem was resolved]
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