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Thread: MediaLab, Inquisit and Video Issues in Windows 7

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    Medialab can't call up inquisit

    W7 vs XP by ML2008 (latest version) vs ML2010 (latest version) by Inquisit vs

    When using Windows 7:
    Problem: MediaLab won't call up inquisit (both ML08 and ML07 and both versions of Inquisit).
    Run as admin doesn't help.
    Neither does running in compatability mode.

    A slight bit of progress:
    Changing the environment variable > system variable > path to C:\Millisecond Software\Inquist 3 and installing Inquisit to C:\Millisecond Softw... works. Doesn't work with pathing to Program files or Program files (x86) [obviously it was installed at these locations when I tested].

    BUT this causes direct x and direct draw errors, and Inquisit crashes.
    Note: These errors do not occur if running the script stand alone in Inquisit.

    Are there any other solutions to make MediaLab call up an inquisit task under windows 7?

    Also -
    Other things that I used to use in our old XP ML2008 lab that are now broken in our W7 lab:
    - the x parameter - doesn't work in ML2008 or ML2010 in Windows 7.
    - background video - doesn't work properly in ML2010.
    - the d parameter - when used on a trial displaying background video or a movie trial under Windows 7.
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    We have managed to get Inquisit to reliably launch out of MediaLab.

    Install Inquisit to C:/Inquisit

    ([it seems] having other folders like program files, program files (x86) or millisecond software stops it from working)

    Adjust the environment variable path to include the following ";C:/Inquisit"

    However, if anyone can shed light on why this solved the problem, we would appreciate it! As it baffles us.

    Other issues:

    X parameter still crashes MediaLab 2010.

    Background video does not work properly.
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    The x parameter is fixed in 2010.2.19. As for the background video--what exactly isn't working can you post an illustrative sample?
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    As for the background video--what exactly isn't working can you post an illustrative sample?
    the d parameter (from memory, within Windows 7 regardless of version) causes Media Lab to crash. This also occurs with movie trials; not just background video.

    with windows 7 and ML2010 background video is displaying nothing (when given size and position parameters; I haven't tried it without).

    with windows 7 and ML2008 background video is displaying in a very small box (probably about 100 pixels wide; the video is >700 pixels wide normally) in the top left corner. Adjusting size and position parameters has no effect.

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    What parameter values are you using? i.e., what does your Parameters field look like?

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    (d220, l.65,t.4) in this case.

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    I don't believe you can apply a duration parameter to a background video--only to the item as a whole in the primary Parameters field. I do notice that the percentage values do not look accurate on the backvideo in terms of how it's placed. Pixel values seem to work better (e.g, t200,l200) but even those are being affected proportionally by the height and width of the screen. I'll get on this.

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    Hi Blair,

    I know what you mean about the d parameter applying to the trial as a whole.

    But, if a video stimulus is being displayed when a trial is ended via the d parameter it causes the crash. (be it presented as a movie trial, or as a background video in another trial type).

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    I'm using v2010.2.19 on my machine here and I can't get it to crash--even if using a duration parameter on a movie item. Are you using v2010.2.19? Also, with respect to the Inquisit issue above--I'm glad you found (and reported!) a workaround but I was wondering if you were calling it from an .exp file or a .que file. Just curious.

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    Hi Blair, since switching to v2010.2.19 it works, even if using the duration parameter.

    In terms of pulling up an inquisit file, I think we tried through both, but may not have tried from an .exp file.

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    Glad you found a work-around for running your Inquisit sessions. I just thought of this though if you want to try--can you run your Inquisit session from a batch file (including parameters and all)? If so, you could enter the name of the batch file in the filename of an Executable item.

    Very happy to hear all the other issues have been resolved with the latest (2010.2.19) version of MediaLab.

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