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Thread: Loading sequences between questions slow V2008.1.33

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    Loading sequences between questions slow V2008.1.33


    We have been using Medialab, v2008.1.33 for the past year now and there haven't been any problems. However, lately the loading time in between each question is significantly longer now than it has been in the past--sometimes up to 15-20 seconds in between questions.

    We are using Dell Netbooks Latitude 2100 with Windows XP Professional. I'm not sure if it is the actual computer slowing up the program because the netbooks are fairly new. Every other program on the computer runs fine. I have removed anything that could be hindering the processing speed of the computer (i.e. updating laptops, cleaning, removing large files) Do you have any suggestions on making the program run faster? Are there any patches or updates that we a should install?

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    Can you try uninstalling and reinstalling on one of these machines and see if that helps? Maybe some file has gone missing or become corrupt. You might also try the repair option in add/removes programs if there is one (i.e., before trying to re-install). Do the samples that come with MediaLab run slowly also?

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