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Thread: only answering some questions

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    only answering some questions

    So i'm running a program where people are asked a series of Y or N questions. If they answer yes, in a later block of questions, I would like them to make a response on a scale of 1-8. I can get the scale of 1-8 to work and I can make them make Y/N responses... but I cannot make it so that ONLY if they answer Y do they answer the question in the next block. I've attached the spreadsheet!
    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    This needs to be done in Direct RT although I know it can be accomplished in MediaLab because we require the accuracy of the reaction times for the responses. I can only figure out the skipping and jumping and neither of those seem to be what I want!

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    Not sure I completely understand. Is the contingency to answer the scale questions based on y/n responses to multiple items (e.g., based on a cumulative score) or to just one single y/n item? Your input file makes it (to me anyways) seem like the former but based on your post it sounds like the latter. Hmm. Hope that made sense.

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    alright so let me try this again.
    I need them to answer 1) a yes or no question. If they answer Y to this question I need them to a) answer a question with a 1-8 scale AND b) answer an additional Y/N question.

    If they answer No to the first question in 1)...then that question is not included in parts a) and b).

    does that make sense?

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