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Thread: Recorded Random Stimulus, Direct RT v2008

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    Recorded Random Stimulus, Direct RT v2008

    I have it set up where a random stimulus (pictures) are drawn and shown to the participant. When I checked the Data folder, and the Log folder, I cannot find anything describes which stimulus was selected at random. Is there a way to have the random stimulus selected and have it record which stimulus was selected at random? Also (and more importantly to me), is there anyway to find out which stimulus was selected at random from the previous data I have already collected? Or is this a lost cause?

    Please respond, thanks.

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    See if this helps:


    By default, DirectRT doesn't gather data for trials on which no response occurs. You can request though that those data be saved using negative block values.

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    Couldn't figure it out...

    Thank you for your reply but I am sorry, I tried to toy with your recommendation but couldn't figure it out. Maybe I executed the advice incorrectly. if I elaborate more and attach my files, maybe you or someone can help me.

    I have a problem with recording randomly selected stimuli.
    The stimuli are presented perfectly. A certain set of directions are
    presented to the participant. Then a picture is selected at random
    from a folder and is presented to the participant for three seconds.
    Then the participant is supposed to answer a question with a scale
    given to them using the numpad.

    The problem is that we cannot figure out how to record which picture
    is being selected at random. I have attached the file we use to run
    DirectRT (empSRfinal1_1.csv), the first file that records data (1.csv)
    and the log file located in the log folder (1_log.csv). In the
    empSRfinal1_1.csv, a general set of directions are given then three
    types of trials are given (1, 2, and 3). The beginning of each trial
    presents a question (#directions_self for trial 1, #directions_other
    for trial 2, or #directions_base for trial 3), then a picture
    (selected at random, $stimlist under the stim column in
    empSRfinal1_1), then ends with the scale (#scale for trial 1 and trial
    2, or #base_scale for trial 3). The participants has to use the
    numpad to answer before the next trial is presented. These three
    trials are repeated various times, but in the file I have attached I
    only show two full sets of the three trials.

    No where in the log file shows which picture is selected. The log
    records when the picture is presented (Started@), how they answered
    the scale (Name), and much more...but no where does it show the name
    of the picture selected. If anyone can inform me what I can do to
    record which stimuli is being selected at random, I would really
    appreciate it. Thanks.

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