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Thread: Video problems

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    Video problems

    Hello, we are currently trying to run multiple Direct RT files with both audio and video using version 2004.3.0.27. We have encountered the following problems:

    1.Each video takes a very long time to load, but will load fine in WMP.
    2.There are “glitches” in the video files, where the video stalls and runs as if it was running in slow motion. This seems to be random and does not affect each video the same each time we run it.
    3.These problems occur when the files and stim are off of the external hard drive AND when the files are being run directly from the PC’s hard drive.
    4.We have recently made two changes: 1) we increased the number of videos in our stim folder and 2) we increased the quality of the video files. Since doing this, we have a new problem: After several trials, Direct RT encounters an error and shuts down the file that’s being run. This is true for all of the .csv files that have been written, and is not dependent on which video is supposed to run next. We get this error signature when Direct RT attempts to open up a file (.avi):
    AppName: executedrt.exe AppVer: 2004.3.0.27 ModName: pdvcodec.dll
    ModVer: 2.64.1119.1600 Offset: 0001010e

    Is there any insight or advice that you can give us to alleviate these problems? Thanks for your help.

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    v2004 is pretty old so I can't say what it could be--I don;t recall any issues like that when it was an active version so it may be an interaction with some other (newer?) software or hardware. So we can at least rule that out--could you download and install the latest version on one of your machines and see if that resolves it? We can give you a code to test it out for a few weeks. If that's not it, we can explore possibly updating your video codecs.

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    Hi! We have version 2010 now, it continues to be a problem with our videos, but we can make the problem smaller by compressing the videos (I emailed you about this a few minutes ago, sorry to confuse you!)

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    Was that the email where the same thing happened if you had even just one trial in the input file but it was running these video files? I'd also be curious to know if the codec used to compress the video altered the format. If you feel like checking, you can right click on the video files and select properties and then check to see the encoding properties. I mention this only because that implies a different problem that video size per se. In any case though, glad you found a solution and I hope your compression did not affect the quality too much.

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