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Thread: No Compatable Resolution

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    No Compatable Resolution


    I am trying to run a DirectRT file through a MediaLab questionnaire (all 2006 versions). While I can do this with no problem on some of our laboratory computers, I get an error message on a laptop that we need to use for the study:

    "Problem In: DirectX isDisplayModeOkay-.2
    System.Exception: No compatable resolution was found. at .(Int32 A_0, Int32 A_1,  A_2)"

    However, I can run other questionnaires in MediaLab that do use DirectRT, so I know that it is possible for it to work on the laptop. I am attaching both a file that does work "Final Flag Prime.csv" and the file that does not work "priming_ally.csv". Are there perhaps problems with the non-functioning file that stand or does the problem lie elsewhere. Thank you for your help.

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    Is this Windows XP? It's really helpful if you do have some DirectRT sessions that will run on the laptop. The first thing I would do is compare the style files for a session that does work and one that doesn't. Do you see style (.drt) files in each of the folders--i.e., within each of one that does work and within the one that doesn't? If so, open the .drt files and compare the screen resolution that is set under "Options". Different?

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